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This project is based on a hypothetical system created for Tea Villa Cafe.


To enhance the experience of visiting customers (dine-in or takeaway) in Tea Villa Cafe by integrating the physical and digital realms

Tea Villa Cafe Logo.jpeg

"All for one,

one for all"



A chain of casual dining cafes, they offer a contemporary, warm ambience and judge themselves by customer satisfaction.

Age group: 16-35 years

Location: Tier 1, Tier 2 cities of India

Income groups: Upper middle class

Genders: All


For existing systems in restaurants which utilise technology for dine-in and takeaway services.

A few examples of such systems: kiosk systems, digital ordering systems

SWOT Analysis.jpg


This helped me understand the possibility of who could affect/ be affected by my system.

Stakeholder Mapping.jpg


Direct competitors:

Direct competitors:

  • McDonald’s (kiosk system)

  • Taco Bell (kiosk system)

  • Domino’s (application)

Indirect competitors:

  • Swiggy (application)

  • Zomato (application)

  • Prithvi Cafe (this is a very popular cafe in Mumbai)

This served as a guide when I had to decide features for my system.

A few aspects studied were:

  • Location (s)

  • Target Audience

  • USP

  • System experience 

  • System features

  • Successes, failures

  • Accessibility

  • User flow

  • Navigation

  • Content

Doing a competitor analysis allowed me to:

  • Study features of competitors

  • Understand market trends

  • Mindfully experience using a system and studying the journey first-hand

  • Understand what may work and what may not



UI Website 1 -13.png

Name : Tanisha Grover

Age : 20

Education : Architecture

Home town : Mumbai

Family : Lives with parents and younger brother

Occupation : Student

About :

  • Tanisha is a second year college student

  • She is average in academics

  • She loves spending time with her friends

  • She loves food

  • She is a very frequent user of her phone

Goals :

  • To enjoy a good ambience

  • To satisfy cravings

Frustrations :

  • Waiting (for table and for attendant)

  • Having to ask the attendant how much more time order will take


Tanisha Grover is a 20 year old Architecture student who needs clear information about her order because she does not want to keep asking the attendant for the same.


UI Website 1 -13.png

Name : Varun Malhotra

Age : 27

Education : Engineer

Home town : Mumbai

Family : Lives alone

About :

  • Varun is a working professional with 2 years of experience

  • He loves his job

  • He likes spending time with his friends and also likes spending some time alone

  • He is able to maintain a healthy balance in life

  • He likes to be informed about everything so he knows what exactly is happening, when

Goals :

  • To make the most of every experience

  • To not waste time

Occupation : Product analyst

Frustrations :

  • Proper details of food items are not provided

  • Waiting time


Varun Malhotra is a 27 year old Product Analyst who needs a fast and seamless dine-out experience because he is busy and running short on time.


UI Website 1 -13.png

Name : Ria Saxena

Age : 19

Education : Psychology

Home town : Mumbai

About :

  • Ria is a first year college student

  • She is a single child

  • She excels in academics

  • She loves trying new things and having new experiences

Goals :

  • To satisfy cravings

  • To have a good dine out experience

  • To spend quality time with her family

Family : Lives with parents

Occupation : Student

Frustrations :

  • Not knowing how long the order will take

  • Killing waiting time at restaurants


Ria Saxena is a 19 year old Psychology student who wants to kill waiting time at restaurants because she feels impatient and restless.


UI Website 1 -13.png

Name : Manish Gupta

Age : 35

Education : Engineering

Home town : Mumbai

Family : Lives with wife

About :

  • Manish is a reserved, working professional with 9 years of experience

  • He got married 2 years ago

  • He is a senior engineer, with a highly disciplined lifestyle

  • He likes to be independent of others

Goals :

  • To spend quality time with wife

  • To relax with a peaceful mind

  • To try food from different restaurants

Occupation : Civil engineer

Frustrations :

  • Not able to spend enough quality time with wife

  • Has hectic work hours

  • Ordering process is heavily dependent on restaurant attendants


Manish Gupta is a 35 year old Civil Engineer who needs a food ordering system with minimal human interaction because he prefers to do his tasks independent of others.


An empathy map helped me gain deeper insights into my user, their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

WEBSITE UX Design Sem 5.jpg


The system I created for Tea Villa Cafe aims to unite the physical and digital arenas while ensuring that all customers have an enhanced, seamless and memorable experience.

It caters to customers who visit the cafe. They may be visiting for dine-in or takeaway services.

For dine in services : 

On arrival customers will be provided a tablet by Tea Villa Cafe. This tablet will contain the created system. Once seated, the interaction with the system will begin. While leaving, the customers will hand the tablet back to the restaurant.

For takeaway services : 

On arrival customers will be given a choice between

ordering using the restaurant tablet or ​ordering using their own device. (scanning a QR code will allow customers to go ahead with this option)


  • Food menus are not very descriptive, visually and informatively. They thus do not help the customer much while making a choice

  • Not enough information is conveyed to customers in terms of preparation time, ETA, order status etc. This leads to the customer being impatient and unwillingly unaware

  • The waiting time in restaurants (for food, for the attendant) is a cause of displeasure among several customers

  • Some customers are hesitant to call the attendant multiple times


  • Concise descriptions and photographs for each dish

  • ‘Order tracking’ available to users, which shows the ETA of their order. A kitchen camera feature also introduced which allows the customer to view their food preparation. (An optional feature which can be turned on/off by the restaurant)

  • A ‘Leisure’ section which offers games and reading material (online and offline)

  • An ‘I require assistance’ option available at all times, to help users who are not technologically sound

  • An option to choose the sequence in which the customer would like their dishes to be served (if any)

  • Incentives appeal to all. Thus, a reward point system wherein, points can be utilised to avail discounts.


Navigation flow


Designed for tablets

WEBSITE UI Behance-14.jpg

Few of the designed screens for dine in customers who have logged in

UI Behance NEW FINAL 2 WEBSITE-15.jpg

Few of the designed screens for

takeaway customers ordering as guest

UI prototype video : 

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