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Type Crimes


This project was done as part of an academic project.

Comp 4.gif


Typography is art, design, science, mathematics and storytelling. Every typeface tells its own story and has its own personality and characteristics.

We have always been taught that typography is to be used a certain way, with certain rules. What are these rules? Who decided them?

Through this project, I aim to question, explore and experiment with the above. I have thus created a poster series, comprising of five posters and their respective animations.

These posters all use the same typeface - Didot and represent five different moods - intimidation, playfulness, excitement, calmness and chaos without the use and aid of colour.


Posters, their animations and applications


Design Project 3_FINAL Typography Posters_INTIMIDATE.jpg
Faster final.gif


Design Project 3_FINAL Typography Posters_CALM.jpg
Design Project 3_Typgraphy_Calm Poster 2_3.gif


Design Project 3_FINAL Typography Posters_PLAY.jpg
Option 4.gif


Design Project 3_FINAL Typography Posters_FINAL CHAOS.jpg
Comp 7.gif


Design Project 3_FINAL Typography Posters_EXCITE.jpg
FINAL 2.gif
Comp 1_2.gif
Tote bag 2_DP#.jpg
Tote bag 1_DP3.jpg
Gift wrapping paper.jpg

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