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Designing beyond screens

Design for Social Responsibility

This project was done in collaboration with my classmates: Nupura Parulekar, Prathamesh Hindlekar, Ramkrishna Sapre and Vidya Yadav in Uvarsad village, Gujarat.

IMG_5729 copy.JPG

The problem

A visit to Kanya Shala, an all girls school in Uvarsad village, Gujarat was a heartbreaking and eye-opening scenario for us. 

The children of Kanya Shala were very interested in arts and crafts. They created whatever was in their capacity and knowledge to decorate their classes. Unfortunately, they had no one to teach them these skills. 

The survey

We distributed chits among the students of class six and asked them to write down one activity they would love to do.

IMG_7554 2.JPG

For an activity they would love to do, majority students wrote art and craft related responses

The solution

We decided to base our outcome on the art of Kirigami as it can be explored endlessly, each time with different patterns. Moreover, creativity is a skill that is extremely vital for our country yet nothing is done to cultivate it. We as a group, decided to take a step forward in this direction. 


1.  Two toolkits (one to keep in each class)

2.  Two booklets (one for each toolkit)

3.  Workshop with students

The toolkit


1.  An instructional booklet

2.  Papers

3.  Pencils

4.  Glue stick

5.  Coloured sketch pens

6. Scissors

To make the booklet replenishable and sustainable, we created a designated area for reusable material like old papers, buttons, beads etc that the children could fill.


Render 8.png
Render 7.png

Option 1 for toolkit

Other Box 3.png
Other Box 7.png

Option 2 for toolkit



Final outcome:

IMG_8644 copy.JPG

The booklet

Comp 2.gif

The workshop

The plan:

1.  An ice breaking drawing game session

2.  Brief about kirigami and activity

3.  Demonstration

4.  Individual activity

5.  Group activity (for collaboration and communication skills)

IMG_5880 copy.JPG
IMG_5888 copy.JPG
IMG_8573 copy.JPG
IMG_5961 copy.JPG
Comp 3.gif
IMG_8641 copy.JPG

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