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Packaging is protection and promotion

Innovative brookie packaging

This project is based on a hypothetical brand, Delise.

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Brookie = Brownie + Cookie

The product

​A brookie is a dessert made out of an irresistible combination of a brownie and a cookie.

About the brand

Target audience

Delise (derived from delicious) is a dessert brand, which predominantly sells brookies.

18 - 30 years
Tier 1 cities

Upper middle class
All genders

Where can one buy Delise brookies?

In supermarket stores
In kiosks
Online (Eg: Amazon - gourmet food section)

The problem

Eating brookies with bare hands leads to hands getting sticky and dirty.

Eating it with a spoon/ fork requires more effort, space and equipment.

The goal

To allow customers to eat a brookie hassle free:

• without dirtying their hands
• without the use of many utensils

This will also allow the brookie to be easily carried for travelling.

Ideation and prototyping

Comp 1_1.gif

The packaging design

Behance renders 1-155 copy.jpg
Behance product 2-154.jpg

Video of prototype of packaging made:

Comp 3.gif

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